Anafiel, which is the stage name of Bryan C. Hilemon loves magic, and has since he was about 6. While being mentored by local magician Ricky D. Boone and several other magicians, who were members of the Western North Carolina Magic Club, Anafiel gained the knowledge he needed to become the magician he is today. 

For a time, Anafiel performed as Charlie Chalkdust. He did this for a company named Laughing Pan Productions. He traveled to conventions, to perform his magic, as this unique character from their roleplaying game Deliria © by Phil Brucato.

Anafiel focuses largely on close up magic, but can cater to a variety of venues. His close up miracles can be easily adapted to a parlor environment or bar/restaurant environment.

Anafiel's stage performance is a bit different than his closeup magic and will astound a variety of audiences!


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