BiMonthly Balloons!

Balloon Ideas

At Texas Roadhouse every other Tuesday!


Here's Our Top 10 Balloon requests!


1. Dog

2. Cat

3. Elephant

4. A princess (disney you choose which)

5. A wand

6. Octopus

7. Giraffe

8. Pokemon (if you have a picture I can probably make it.)

9. Hats (sports caps, crowns, flower/animal hats)

10. Bunny


I have around 500 shapes memorized and am inventive so can easily come up with many more!

If you're not sure whether we can make a shape you are looking for, ask when setting your appointment. We may be able to learn the shape in time for your event!

Charlie uses the finest in balloon animal balloons.


If kept away from sharp and rough objects, heat, and wet things they can last quite a while. 


Cool shady areas are a must if performing outside as the sun can damage the balloons, or cause the to prematurely pop! Always creates a startling environment.


Magic and balloon deals are available! Call for current specials!

Important Information!